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A LOTRO leveling guide can help any player, noob or pro, get over with the boring leveling part of the game much easier and faster than the average player. I’m saying this because I’ve been using one since I started my guardian, as my guild needed a new tank. This LOTRO leveling guide not only that provided me with the best LOTRO leveling path, I’ve also learned a multitude of tricks to enhance my progress. Therefore, I’m going to share a few leveling tips here:

1. When leveling up a toon, no matter what class, never stop to fight every little creature that will attack you while you travel from a location to another. By doing this, you will lose a lot of gameplay time. However, don’t die either because dying really sucks in Lord of the Rings Online.

2. No matter what level the toon you’re working on is, or no matter what colour the mobs you kill are, it’s important to keep your stats maximized. So, get any buffs you can by using foods or potions you can find at the Auction Hall, or ask friends to craft them for you. This way you will turn your character into a killing machine, able to wipe a whole camp of goblins in a very short time.

3. Questing is way much better than grinding in LOTRO. That’s why no matter what you do or where you go, always work on at least 3-4 quests at one time. Solving quests not only that you will get a nice XP bonus, you will also receive gear and other items that are very helpful.

4. Pick up every quest that can be completed solo and concentrate always on the solo quests. Finding a fellowship for a quest or a cluster of quests consumes a lot of time and even if you find the group for those quests, there’s the possibility of failing miserably on those quests, which again, is your time wasted.

5. A very nice speed enhancement in LOTRO is a mount. So, when you’re eligible for riding, run quickly and complete the mount chain of quests. Also, make sure you have the money to buy the skill and the horse. You will be needing 3 gold and some change.

If these tips haven’t improved your leveling process in Lord of the Rings Online, the only thing I can do is recommend you the LOTRO leveling guide I’ve been following. It can only improve your leveling process, even if you are already a pro.

This LOTRO Leveling Guide is the best leveling tool for this game as far as I know. It’s a complete, A to Z leveling tool that will help any player reach the level cap fast. Also, here is another link where you can find the best LOTRO Guides.

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